Performance Tested Seals
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Contact Details

13b Davison Street
Maddington WA 6109

P: 618 9459 8155
F: 618 9493 3181
M: 0401 383 763
E: Peter Glover

Customer Cars

The vehicles below all use Performance Tested Seals. Please visit the record holders page to see some more cars that use PTS seals, including the worlds fastest rotary.


Full normal aspirated with nos 7.71 1723 rotor

SIGUEL RACING Full turbo alcohol 6.89 199 3 rotor

3/4 turbo alcohol 7.28 186

Nibo Race 7.12@190 20BT+Gforce (Full Chassis)
Full normal aspirated with nos 7.71 1723 rotor

Anams Racing (Driven by Siguel)
7.27@183 13BT+Gforce [3/4 Chassis]
3/4 turbo alcohol 7.32 182
Ric Shaw
Ric Shaw
8th in category at Nurburgring 24 hour race in Germany
using Performance Tested Seals
Terry Stacey RX7

Terry Stacey RX7 RR/gas record holder and best Et 7.93 s @ 172.9 mph
Murray Kifer worlds quickest untubbed 13b rotary

Murray Kifer untubbed 13btt
Best ET 8.25 164 mph
Grant Williams

Grant Williams 13btt
7.66 @ 176.92 mph
Rick Woods roto Bike

Rick Woods Supercharged 12A
Best Et 8.83 @ 156mph
Picture courtesy Luke Nieuwhof
Pac Performance Yellow MX 6

Pac Performance Yellow MX 6 national record holder and
Best Et 6.88 s @ 203 mph 20b
Australia's fastest 13b rotary

Brett Glover PTS Racing
7.42 @ 182 mph

Peter Lyall

Peter Lyall Racing his Super Sedan with a 13b Turbo
Brett Glover Supercharged Datsun

Brett Glover Supercharged Datsun 1000
Best Et 8.76 s @ 149 mph
Maztech Racing

Anthony Rodrigues
Cougar with 13b turbo
Best ET 7.13 s @ 194mph
Taouil Bros

Taouil Bros RX7 ET 7.91 s @ 176.63mph