Performance Tested Seals
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Contact Details

13b Davison Street
Maddington WA 6109

P: 618 9459 8155
F: 618 9493 3181
M: 0401 383 763
E: Peter Glover

Record holders

The vehicles below use Performance Tested Seals including the worlds fastest rotary.

Joe Nsair

Joe Nsair
Blo Joe 13bt 719 HP on pump fuel
Blow Jo 719 HP

Powered by Maztech
Worlds Fastest Rotary

Abel Ibarra
6.79 s @ 209.95 mph 20bt
Picture courtesy of Derek Schimanke.
Jose Torres

Major League Racing
Jose 'Siguel' Torres 6.81 ET @ 202 mph 20bt
Pac Performance Yellow MX 6

George Rehayen Pac Performance Yellow MX6
Et 6.84 s @ 203 mph 20bt
Maztech Racing

Anthony Rodriguez
Et 7.13 @ 194 mph