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13b Davison Street
Maddington WA 6109

P: 618 9459 8155
F: 618 9493 3181
M: 0401 383 763
E: Peter Glover


Anthony Rodrigues
Terry Stacy
Ric Shaw

Racer Testimonal - Anthony Rodrigues

My name is Anthony Rodrigues and I am the owner and driver of the Maztech Drag Racing PRORWD Import race car . The car uses a 13B Rotary engine that is turbocharged, efi and runs on straight Sunoco Alcohol.

I have tested PTS seals in both 13B and 20B engines on all fuels from pump fuel to high octane leaded race fuels to Alcohol fuels, in both street and race apllications. I used them in a National Dyno competition 20B engine that on pump fuel withstood 25 p.s.i. and made in excess of 750RWHP. Also in championship winning off-road racing vehicles that are the most torturous style of racing on a rotary engine.

When the Glovers first challenged me to break them, I almost laughed at the claims they were making. I can catagorically assure you that these seals will not be broken in a rotary engine by combustion or naturally created operating conditions. You will bow them if you are not on your tune up, but any other product would have perished and caused costly damage to the rest of your engine components or accessories.

With these seals simply pull them out, straighten them up and go back to the track with the same side corner and assist pieces. I have them currently fitted in my race car that in testing has shown more than 500hp per rotor and is only in its infancy with regards to development.

I congratulate PTS for their development of a product that is leading the world in engine development components. As I have personally recommended them for use to all of the worlds best rotary drag racers, I can also be confident in recommending them to all Rotary engine users.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you have any other questions on my experiences.


Anthony Rodrigues
613 9416 9516
To contact me by email click here.

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Racer Testimonal - Terry Stacy

My name is Terry Stacy. I currently race a twin turbo mechanically fuel injected peripheral port 13B rotary engined Mazda Series 4 RX 7. It runs on methanol and I race in Super Stock at the Kwinana Motorplex in Perth, Western Australia (see pic above, I am driving the red car!!!).

Before using Performance Tested Seals® my engine maintenance programme used to be after every race meeting. I would remove the engine from the car, strip it down, check everything and replace the apex seals with brand new ones (2mm Mazda). Even if the engine had done 4 runs I would replace them.

I have been drag racing for longer than I care to remember (about 28 years) and my number one hate (with a lot of other rotary owners) is broken apex seals.

I started replacing my apex seals after every meeting during the 97/98 season after I changed from a side port engine to a peripheral port engine because I would run 1 meeting with no problems and break apex seals the next. That was 9 meetings a year, as I race at every meeting, times that by 7 racing seasons – 63 sets of apex seals and a lot of money. (In Australia, the season runs from early October to late April the following year).

Then along came Peter Glover with his Performance Tested Seals®. He knew how I changed apex seals every meeting and said try these, they will solve your maintenance cost problem, and they wont break. Oh Yeah we’ll see about that I thought and I didn’t put them in straight away as I didn’t want to experiment with something new, especially right before our biggest meeting of the year –The Westernationals. So I left the standard 2mm seals in. There was a test and tune before the Westernats and I didn’t put them in then either as we had other “more important” things to sort out with the car. We had 3 runs at the test and tune and everything seemed fine for the big meet next week.

We took the car home and over the next couple of days I went over the car and checked things out. I did pull the motor out, but only to take off the sump and flywheel to check the front and rear bearings, all OK, rotor bearings looked OK too. Finally worry got the better of me and I pulled the motor down, at first glance everything seemed in order, but on closer inspection we saw it – the corner was broken off one of the apex seals. This probably occurred while the motor was backfiring on the two-step at the start line revving at 10,000 rpm. We were so lucky it didn’t come out. One more run and it would have been all over for the engine and possibly a turbo, or worse both turbos’ as bits fly everywhere when they break.

A decision had to be made; do we put in another set of Mazda 2mm seals or gamble with Peters’ Performance Tested Seals®? We decided to take the gamble as we would know if they were any good after the first burnout on the first qualifying run. With a 2 day meet, we would have plenty of time to fix it. Come race day at the track, on the first qualify run, I drove the car into the burnout pad, put the car in top gear, revved it to 10,000 rpm, dropped the clutch and did a burnout. The revs increased to 10,200 and the engine backfired on the rev limiter the whole burnout (and it’s a big one). I pulled up and reversed back for the run, the motor is running and sounding great…

Seven runs later we had 2 new national records, ET and MPH, and a runner up trophy in my hand. We had gearbox problems in the finals. We also top qualified at the meet and received the top qualifying medallion. I was stoked.

Since the 2003/2004 Westernationals meeting we have now raced at 12 national open meetings, 3 test and tunes and 2 Drag Combat meetings all on the SAME set of Performance Tested Seals®! I have even left the engine together for the last 4 meetings of the 2004/2005 season and will probably leave it as is for the first test and tune for the upcoming season, STILL using the same set of seals.

I would not hesitate to recommend Performance Tested Seals® to anybody racing a rotary powered vehicle. I consider these seals as an insurance policy…No more stuffed rotors, rotor housings and turbochargers, and greatly reduced maintenance time. If you get your tune up wrong or a pump fails and you do happen to bow your seals, they are easily fixed and used again. You need never throw seals away again because they DON’T break in your engine!

It is such a relief to go racing and not worry about breaking an apex seal or replacing them every meeting, and the money that used to be spent on apex seals can be better spent in other areas.

Thankyou Peter Glover

Terry Stacy

Terry Stacy Racing

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Racer Testimonal - Ric Shaw

Hi my name is Ric Shaw and I have a 22 year history of racing rotary cars.

The vehicles I have raced include V8 cars at the Bathurst 1000 for 6 years, production cars at Nuremberg 24 hour, Sepang 12 hour, Bathurst 24 hour and the Tasmanian Targa.

When asked what I think of Performance Tested Seals:

“PTS seals are the only Performance seals I trust for all my racing in the hard charging Australian Performance car championship and with the strain of the long distance 24 hour races”

Cheers Ric

Ric Shaw Racing

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